Quoting Jesus: An Apologia from Richard Rohr

I’ve been coming back to Richard Rohr’s gem of a book, “Falling Upward,” for the past year. Rohr speaks to spiritual matters, particularly the male journey, in ways that few have been able, or dared, to do in our time. I I find his personal defense for quoting Jesus poignant.

So I offer this personal apologia for those of you who perhaps are wondering why I quote Jesus so much. You might be saying, ‘Does it really matter?’ or ‘Does it have to be in the Bible to be true?’ Well, I quote Jesus because I still consider him to be the [emphasis Rohr’s] spiritual authority of the Western world, whether we follow him or not. He is always spot-on at the deeper levels and when we understand him in his own explosive context. One does not even need to believe in his divinity to realize that Jesus is seeing at a much higher level than most of us.

For some of you , my quoting Jesus is the only way you will trust me; for others, it gives you more reason to mistrust me, but I have to take both risks. If I dared to present all of these ideas simply as my ideas, or because they match modern psychology or old mythology, I would be dishonest. Jesus for me always clinches the deal, and I sometimes wonder why I did not listen to him in the first place.




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