Religious Freedom Bills And Fake Religious Infringement

If Indiana Governor, Mike Pence, signs a so-called “Religious Freedom” bill, it will become, yet, another law in search of a problem that does not exist.  Religious freedom, guaranteed by the United States Constitution,  is not being trampled on by anyone.  It’s just not happening (unless one considers the anti-Muslim activity around the nation).  Proponents of such legislation are free to believe what they will about LGBTQ persons.  No one is stopping that. Period.  What these folks want is to legislate hate into law.

Thankfully, Gen Con and the Christian Church( Disciples of Christ) are, both, threatening move future conventions to other states should this bill pass.  Hopefully, this economic threat will lead to more sensible and just action.

These laws are about one thing: bigotry.  They are on the wrong side of history.  They are neither Christian nor religious in any shape or form.


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