Christianism: On the Rise or Last Gasp?

I first learned the term “Christianism” in a piece by Andrew Sullivan a few years ago. Christianism is a label well earned by Christianists (inaccurately labeled the “Christian Right” by mainstream media), who are religious fundamentalists in the US that advocate for a political agenda with dangerous theocratic leanings. Christianists now occupy influential political positions and possess unhindered access to all branches of the federal government, as well as numerous state and local governments.  At the risk of sounding paranoid, this is cause for real concern.

Texas is a case study in just how Christianists, if left unchecked, will craft legislation that jeopardizes the freedoms we all enjoy. For example, Texas lawmakers are currently proposing legislation that would give adoption agencies the authority to discriminate at will. This bill, claim legislators, “protects religious freedoms” of private adoption agencies, many, of which, receive public funds.  The truth is this bill is aimed at discriminating against LGBTQ couples who seek adoption.  Further, it opens the door for more forms of bigotry behind the veil of “religious conviction.” This cruel from of governance does not come from “the Christian Right”; It is neither Christian nor right. This is but one of many efforts currently underway to legislate a “religion” that not does not reflect any of the tenets of Christianity.  Rather, this kind of policymaking comes from Christianism (which is just another form of fundamentalism); it is dangerous and undermines our 1st amendment protection from an established religion.

We’re certainly not living in a theocracy, yet. But there’s definitely an unholy alliance between Christianists and the government that is supposed to protect the rights of all who live within these United States. It is important for people of faith and the media alike to identify what Christianism truly is; It is bad for the United States and for the global community.  Whether what we’re witnessing is just he beginning of something or the last gasp of a dying breed doesn’t matter: We must resist all efforts of what looks like a theocracy in the making.


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