“Yesterday is gone; so is yesterday’s tale. Today, we have a new story to tell.”

Even though the sun sets on 2017, the cares and concerns of the past year will continue. Our worries simply do not disappear at the stroke of midnight. But neither do our hopes. Rumi reminds us that, we can, and must, change the narrative. The sun is always rising somewhere in the world. Change is constant. The story evolves. New life is on the horizon.

We are still in the midst of Christmastide. The story of the Christ-child has just begun. Our job is to tell it. In face of all that is evil, hateful, and unjust, we must tell the story of justice, love, and mercy. Tell it from the mountaintops. Tell to the face in the mirror. Tell it to your friends. Tell it to the children. Tell it in the city. Tell it to the wicked. Tell it to the lost. Tell it to church, especially the church. Just tell the story.  Our very future depends on it.

White Rock Sunset
Sunset over White Rock Lake, Dallas, Tx.



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