Vegas: The New Norm

It’s time we stop asking why gunmen like Stephen Paddock do what they do. It doesn’t matter what the motive or driving force is, whether it’s mental illness, racism, religious fanaticism, boredom, or just pure rage. As long as people like Stephen Paddock have access to the kind of weaponry that killed 58 people and injured 100s more we can expect to be a potential victim in a mass shooting- every single day from now on.

The next time any one of us attends a parade, a college football game, an outdoor baseball game, stands on the side lines of a child’s soccer game, goes to a club, attends a house party, runs a marathon, takes a knee during the anthem, joins in a protest march, attends a birthday party, goes to a concert, eats in a restaurant, walks down the street in a crowd, sits in a classroom or college lecture hall, enjoys a 3 day music festival, attends political rally, or even prays in a house of worship…we are potential victims of a mass shooting in the United States of America.  This is not hyperbolic. This is the new norm in our beloved nation.

If we’re ok with this then we only need to carry on. But it might be worth investing in some kevlar.

On the other hand, if this isn’t what we want, if we don’t want the body count to keep rising, if we don’t want to risk a bullet through our back while walking down the street…then it’s time we get serious about strict gun control. The human variable in this bloody equation is too erratic. But the gun? The gun is the variable we can control.

Las Vegas isn’t the price of freedom.  The Las Vegas slaughter is the bloody cost of foolish, weak gun laws, and the cowardice of the American people and the politicians we keep putting in office.