“Damn, Daniel,” I can’t compete with you.

Like many fellow teachers, I struggle to find what will motivate students to take ownership of their learning. You know . . .so they can hopefully make something of themselves and contribute to society.

But when I’m competing with the notion that all one has to do is produce a viral video featuring nothing of any consequence, nor offers anything productive to society, I realize what I’m selling is no match for it.  “Damn, Daniel!”  You got free Vans for life.  You win.

A Teenager’s Defense of Educators

Unlike the recent viral video of the disrespectful rant from Jeff Bliss, a high school student in Duncanville, Texas,  seventeen year old, Luis Ruuska of Tennessee, offers a sound and rational defense of America’s educators.  Read his well written article on the Huffington Post.

The Biggest Testing Scandal of All

Please read this insightful post by Diane Ravitch about how the State of Texas’ contract with Pearson is undermining education in Texas.  The testing must end.

The Biggest Testing Scandal of All.

via The Biggest Testing Scandal of All.